If visiting DogJoy for daycamp, dayschool, boarding or Splash Park services your dog must:


  • Be in good health
    Please do not bring a sick dog.  This compromises the health of all of the other dogs staying with us.
  • Be at least 3 months old
    If boarding, there is an additional fee for puppies under the age of 8 months.
  • Not have been in the shelter within the last three weeks, and have been seen by your current vet
  • Be current on vaccinations and have a copy from your vet on file
    Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Lepto (given at least 2 weeks prior to arrival) are required. Canine Influenza is not required at this time, but is highly recommended, especially if your pet travels to other areas of the state or country.
  • Be current on a monthly flea & tick preventive
    For the health and safety of the other dogs, flea collars are not permitted.
  • All dogs must be on leash upon arrival
    All collars, harnesses and leashes will be removed at check-in and your dog will wear one of our quick-release safety collars. Prong, choke and shock collars are not allowed.

What to bring for your dog’s boarding stay with us:

Please have all items clearly marked with your dog’s first and last name.  We do our best to return all items, but cannot guarantee that they will be returned in the same shape in which they were left with us.

  • Your dog’s food
    If your dog eats raw, or any other special diet, please package their food in individual pre-measured servings labeled with your dog’s name.
    Please DO NOT bring us your dog’s entire bag of dog food or your large plastic food container.  We do not have the room to store it all. Please re-bag what your dog will need, plus an extra day, in large ziplocks or put in single serving bags labeled with your dog’s name.
    DO NOT bring any bowls or food dishes.  We provide stainless bowls for your dog’s visit. Exceptions are made for slow-feed bowls (please label with your dog’s name).
  • Any medication needed (fee applies)
    If medication needs to be given, it must be in the original bottle, labeled with what the medication is and the dosage required, and have your dog’s first and last name written on the bottle.  Also include a measuring device, if needed.
  • Supplements
    If you are sending supplements with your dog you must separate your dog’s food into individual servings and include the supplement(s) in each bag, otherwise there will be a fee for each administration. Label bags with your dog’s name and AM or PM.
  • A crate mat, blanket, or elevated bed that your dog can rest on, if that is their preference. DO NOT bring large stuffed or foam beds.
    It must be easily washable in a regular washing machine. Please let is know if you’d like to borrow a towel/blanket instead.
  • Optional – A blanket, towel or article of clothing that smells like home if you are not bringing bedding
    This should be something that can easily be washed, if needed, and something that you can live without, should your dog decide to chew on it.
  • For safety reasons, we DO NOT accept bones or chew items of any sort.


  • Boarding School Reservations *ONLY*:
    Please bring plenty of your dog’s favorite small (pea sized), soft training treats and their favorite toys for their training sessions.
    If you do not have these types of treats for training, we do carry them for you to purchase.
    Rope toys, tennis balls and rawhide are not allowed.