Briana has worked with our dog Bixby, a standard poodle, since he was a very small puppy.  We could not be more pleased with the training she has given him, and US!  We have learned to make every moment with Bixby an opportunity to train him, and to make it fun at the same time.  He is a large dog, and it was important to us from the outset that he be a well trained, well behaved and enjoyable pet.  Who wants a large dog that is out of control!   Briana has the amazing gift of insight to see exactly what a dog is thinking, and how to “get on his wave length”.  Every training session we have had with her has resulted in forward progress for him and a better understanding for us to work with our dog.  On the first occasion that we boarded Bixby with her, Briana worked with him and returned him to us ready to be tested to become a certified therapy dog.  He passed with flying colors two weeks later.  The best thing that has happened to us – after acquiring Bixby – has been connecting with Briana.  She is the BEST!


Robin & Chris Sawyer

A few years ago we rescued a grown pit-bull/shepherd mix and named him Pedro Sanchez. He was the worst dog in the world. Pedro had been kept on a chain, in a fenced yard and neglected for at least a year. When we got him, he was covered in bug bites and was severely emaciated. He was aggressive and destructive. People were fearful of him. For months, we tried to find a new home for Pedro, but no one would take him. That’s when we called Briana. She came to our home to work with Pedro and immediately assured us that he was a smart and trainable dog. We had our doubts! Within minutes Briana taught him to sit on command. We were shocked! Was this the same dog?!? She promised us that if we followed her instructions, Pedro would become a wonderful dog for our family. We learned so much about how dogs are motivated and how to train our dog through positive reinforcement. Within a few short weeks, our lives had changed.  Today, Pedro is truly the world’s best dog. He is a calm, loving energy with our infant daughters. He follows voice commands, is respectful and loyal, and is a very happy dog.  We are so grateful that Briana saw in him what no one else did. We can’t imagine our lives without our sweet Pedro Sanchez.


Laura & Kerry

We adopted our dog Willie, a one year old terrier mix, from the SPCAin January of 2009. His SPCA rap sheet clearly stated “HYPERACTIVE / MOUTHY.” He had been returned twice already by families with small children. After visiting with him we felt confident that we had the time and energy to give him a good home. About one month into Willie’s adoption he growled and snapped at a member of our family twice in two days. We were worried, and began to think we might have to take him back to the pound. Luckily a friend had recommended Briana and she agreed to come over that night and assess Willie and our household. Briana showed tremendous insight in her appraisal of Willie. She reassured us that Willie was certainly a viable family pet, and quickly made changes in his bed location, our feeding style etc.. that yielded immediate improvement in his behavior. We decided to embark on a series of ten one hour private lessons with Briana. That was a great decision for us. Willie loved the lessons and just seemed to thrive on Briana’s training style.  We found her instruction interesting, easy, fun to follow and by the end of the ten weeks we had made amazing progress.  Our goal was to have a well mannered pet who was fun to be around, predictable, and controllable should the need arise ie staying away from the table at meal time, not accosting our guests with jumping and crotch sniffing, coming to our side when small children were present on the beach etc…  We have achieved our goals and along the way we have developed a relationship with our dog which is much more fun and multidimensional for him and for us.  On a satisfaction scale of 1-10, we give Briana and Sublime Canines a 10!


Tracy Hydorn

A year ago I had a small, yappy, out of control Maltese.  Today, he’s still small and a bit yappy, but no longer out of control.  If another dog was within eye sight Ajax would go crazy, lunging at the end of his leash and barking like a mad dog – nothing I did could regain his focus.  We had been in other classes with a different trainer since he was a puppy, but there was no improvement in his behavior.  Then I found Briana.  She introduced us to the world of clicker training and true positive reinforcement training.  With Briana’s guidance we have not only worked on Ajax’s reactive behavior, but basic obedience, “tricks” and increasing his confidence in all situations.  Her classes are fun and she is always challenging us to do more.  I can now communicate effectively with Ajax and his behavior proves it.  He knows what I want from him and he wants to do it!  We have been able to go to the park, shopping center and the beach – something I wouldn’t dare try a year ago.  I am incredibly grateful for finding Briana and everything she has taught us.  Ajax has come so far in a year and I look forward to how much farther we can go!


Mandy McGrath

Successful communication skills to use with your adorably loving but maddeningly out of control puppy are easily learned in any of the several classes taught by seasoned trainer Briana Stringer. Briana performs the most important trick of all: teaching us humans how to relate, navigate and communicate with that wrinkled grey orb of mystery, the canine brain. After raising, living with and training 3 Weimaraners, I learned I was actually pretty clueless when it came to human/dog communication. All that time I’d been thinking “Weimaraners, love ’em to pieces, but maybe not the brightest dogs in the pack” when in reality it was my dogs thinking, “Gosh, really like the blond lady with the Milk Bones, wonder why she’s such a dim bulb?”. Briana succeeded in turning up the watts in my dim bulb, and now Emma, Weimaraner #3, though not perfect, is the best behaved dog we’ve had by far. We can go places and do things with Emma that we wouldn’t have dared do with Weimies #1 and #2. Briana’s classes are fun yet challenging, and it’s a joy to watch your pooch master the various tasks set before her — and no doubt a relief to our dogs when they see those dim bulbs over our heads brighten to full wattage! You’ll discover that the investment you make today in your dog’s training with Briana will pay huge dividends in the many years to come.


Franz & Leslie Broz

We are writing these comments to help other dog owners who are having trouble finding the perfect dog trainer. We went through a number of different dog trainers and classes before we found Briana. She understood better than the others what we wanted from and for our puppies and how to best make that happen. Since our dogs were already confused with other training methods and bad habits, we presented her with a challenge. She taught them basic obedience, good behavior and even some fun tricks. She gave the dogs a sense of independence that makes them comfortable being on their own while also loving and being loyal to us. Most importantly she taught us how to break down the barriers between dog language and English, how to read and understand what they need and want and how to communicate what we want from them. She invests a lot of time and energy into problem solving the individual issues the dogs are having. We were impressed by how much the dogs learned so quickly and we were surprised how much we learned in working with them. She makes the whole training experience tons of fun. We hope you’ll have her show you how to enjoy your dogs in ways you never thought you could.


Sean and Degania Fortson

As the holidays approach, I feel compelled to write you, and thank you for all you have done for Belle and I. I have dreamed of owning a Chocolate Lab for 39 years. I must say that when the decision was made this year, I approached the task of getting my first puppy with great reluctance. I had concerns of a dog living up to my expectations; intelligence, manors, companionship, etc… Needless to say, Belle has, by far, surpassed my highest expectations. She is amazing and for me, it’s like a dream come true. Although Belle comes from good stock, I know that the most significant item in her rapid development is the early intervention and training from Sublime Canines. I am still amazed. In one week you socialized her, taught her to sit and lay on command, taught her to stay and leave things on command, wave, shake, and come when commanded. Furthermore, the results from the training since our initial sessions, has taken her to a level I never thought such a young puppy would achieve. You are very good at your profession, and it’s apparent that you have a special way with dogs. Thank you for helping make a dream finally come true for a 39 year-old kid that always wanted a friend in a puppy. I am grateful and more than satisfied.


Lance & Belle Boyd


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