Dog Boarding

While you’re away your dog also gets a vacation!

Your dog will have his own private room with patio and mini yard attached, play time in our amazing outdoor play yards with other dogs (with your permission), relax time in our Lodge’s Great Room and much more!

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Boarding Options


This is our standard boarding package for dog-friendly, people-friendly dogs, and is by no means boring!

Bed & breakfast accommodations

Private patio and yard

Group play time in outside play yards

Relax time in indoor Great Room

Manners reinforcement


This package was built for our water loving guests – swim laps in the deep end, launch off the edge of the pool after a toy, play king of the mountain on the island, or wade into the beach entry just to get their feet and tummy wet.

Bed & breakfast accommodations

Private patio and yard

Group play time in outside play yards

Group play time at the Splash & Play Park

Water toys provided

Blow dry after Splash Park

Towel dry face and ears

Manners reinforcement


Recommended for puppies under the age of 10 months and is required for puppies under the age of 8 months

Bed & breakfast accommodations

Private patio and yard

Specially structured group play time to learn proper social and play skills

A stuffed Kong or chew toy provided for busy puppy teeth

Beginner manners reinforcement

Extra potty breaks for house-training consistency


For the pup who deserves it all!

Bed & breakfast accommodations

Private patio and yard

Group play time in outside play yards

Daily TLC sessions

Extra walks everyday

Personalized Facebook Updates

Nightly tuck-in with treat

Relax time in indoor Great Room

Manners reinforcement


This package is for our guests that need extra attention or need to be closely monitored due to physical limitations, are blind or deaf, diabetic, elderly, those recovering from surgery or guests needing multiple medications or other specific needs.

Bed & breakfast accommodations with frequent wellness checks

Private patio and yard

Extra care and assistance on walks

Extra relax time in indoor Great Room with lots of TLC from the staff

Unlimited medication administered


For guests that are more difficult to board in the average boarding facility due to their anxiety or aggression towards other dogs and/or people; where Extra Management is Required for a safe and stress-free stay.

Bed & breakfast accommodations

Private patio and yard

Private play yard time without other dogs being close by

Daily TLC sessions with staff (unless staff safety is an issue)

Private escort through lodging facilities when leaving their room

Manners reinforcement


Your dog stays at the beautiful DogJoy ranch, a fun alternative to your typical boarding kennel, while your dog’s trainer focuses on the commands that are important to improving your dog’s overall conduct, including common behavior issues. Your dog will become the trainer’s new best friend, accompany them around the facility during training sessions, eat lunch together on occasion, and use every outing on the property as a training opportunity to learn the skills it takes to be the perfect canine good citizen.

We have several program options to choose from so that you can reach your desired training goals.  This one-on-one instruction gives your dog consistent individual attention throughout the day, which enables us to reach your goals in a much shorter period of time.

An initial consultation with your trainer is required before scheduling Boarding School. Pricing is based on the type of training needed and the length of stay, which is determined by what your training goals are and your dog’s current training abilities. Each level also includes an exit lesson (usually taking between one to two hours) with you, the owner, to make sure you understand the commands and how to communicate them to your dog. Follow up lessons are also included with each program. This is very important for a successful transition of skills to you and your home.

Space is limited and must be scheduled in advance.

Dogs under six months, and those not house trained, may be charged an additional fee.

DogJoy is unlike any other boarding or daycare facility. We focus on dogs being active, mentally and physically stimulated, and having fun in a group environment where they are able to listen reliably to a person regardless of the dogs around them. Dogs run free with structure at DogJoy. We implement a daily manners reinforcement program so that your dog will learn to focus and respond to humans around distractions.  Your dog will come home better behaved for having stayed with us.

Dog-friendly dogs will spend time in play groups with staff members and other dogs, either outside in our amazing play yards (weather permitting) or in the Lodge’s air-conditioned Great Room. The Great Room is also a great place for lounging on a comfy dog bed or catching up on the latest DogJoy happenings.

We also provide lots of toys in our yards to play with (when safe to do so), so rest assured that your companion will never get bored. During the warmer months, splash pools are provided for those wishing to cool down.  Have a water-loving pup?  You can even request that your dog be a member at our ‘Splash and Play Park’ during their stay, where your dog can play on the splash pad, hang out at the beach entry swimming lagoon or swim their heart out at the deep end!

When it’s mid-day nap time or nighttime your dog gets to relax in the lodge, in their own air-conditioned room. During the day, between play sessions outside with friends, they will also get rest time in their lodge room with access to their own private patio with mini-yard, shall they decide to relax outside on the “grass” instead.

Your dog won’t be subjected to the constant barking, excessive time in kennels, and cold cinder block runs of a typical boarding kennel here. We believe that dogs will be much happier and come home much healthier if they stay in a happy, fun, stress-free, home-like environment while you are away. Don’t feel guilty about leaving your furry friend behind because chances are he’ll have more fun than you will!

Every room has it’s own private patio and mini yard attached.


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