Frequently Asked Questions

See the link below for information on what to bring for your pets visit with us.

To board or come to daycamp your puppy must be 3 months old and be current on their puppy shots (Distemper, Parvo & Lepto). Rabies is required at the age of 16 weeks.
Puppies can start our dayschool program as early as 8 weeks, as long as they have had two sets of DHLP shots.

For boarding and daycamp/dayschool dogs, Distemper, Parvo, Rabies and Lepto shots are required. These shots must have been given at least 2 weeks prior to arrival to DogJoy. Bordetella is not required, but if it is given, we ask that you wait at least 7 days before bringing your dog to DogJoy. All dogs are required to be on a flea & tick preventative.

We allow intact males to stay with us.
Sorry, at this time we are unable to accommodate intact females over the age of 6 months. All females must be spayed by the age of 6 months.
If your dog is intact we take special precautions to make sure they are grouped with other intact dogs of the same sex or with neutered animals only. There are additional fees for intact animals over the age of 6 months (+$5/day for daycamp, +$10/night for boarding).

Yes, dogs from the same household can share a room and receive a $10 discount for every additional dog in the same room. If the dogs need their own separate room there is no discount.
Dogs spend their days at DogJoy both inside in our climate-controlled Lodge, and outside in our large, grassy play yards. Dogs are rotated in and out of playgroups between 7am – noon and then again from 2pm – 7:30pm. They usually go out between four to six times a day, depending on their energy level, the number of dogs here, and the weather. Nap time happens daily from 12pm to 2pm, where lights are turned off, all dogs are in their private rooms and the Lodge is quiet, except for the calming music, which helps everyone to rest and get ready for the evening’s fun.
Yes, Group Play Evaluations are required for any dog looking to come for daycamp or boarding. Since we have a social environment here at DogJoy, we want to make sure that your dog enjoys these types of interactions. We want your dog to have fun and enjoy his stay away from home playing with the staff and the other dogs in our large play yards, but to also be able to relax in their private room during nap time and at night, if they stay with us. We want to make sure that we are all a good fit for each other!

Yes, $55 for neutered dogs, $60 for intact dogs. A limited number of evaluation spots are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please have your dog here by 9am and they can be picked up anytime after 4pm.
Your dog’s evaluation day is basically a practice daycamp day. We will get to know how your dog responds to staff, how they get along with other dogs and how they relax during downtime. We start by building a small group of similar sized and like-tempered dogs for your dog to interact with and then go from there, depending your dog’s needs. We repeat that same thing during evening hours, when we tend to see dogs loosen up and get even more comfortable with the routine, the staff and the other dogs. Pictures of your dog’s evaluation day are taken and added to their file. A custom report card is also emailed out to you so that you know exactly how your dog’s day went, as well as suggestions that we might have to help your dog be more comfortable here in the future. We want every dog to love being here with us!

We are a training facility first and can absolutely help with aggressive dogs. We’ve worked with thousands of owners and their dogs and we would love to help you as well! Once you become a training client, and we learn more about your dog, at that time, you may also be able to board here when needed, as an EMR (Extra Management Required) boarding dog. Staff will be instructed by our trainers on how to handle your dog, and what their special needs are when staying with us, or if only our trainers will be handling your dog during their stay. We can only accommodate a certain number of EMR dogs at one time, so space is limited for EMR stays.

We require a 50% deposit for boarding reservations made during the following major holidays, busy seasons and festival times. Deposits are refundable as a credit to your account if your reservation is changed or canceled at least 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival.

  • Spring Break/SXSW
  • Easter Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • ACL Festival
  • Nov 15 – Jan 15 (“Holiday Season” – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s)
We only accept dogs at our facility who have gone through our interview process, who have passed a Group Play Evaluation Day, and who have been to DogJoy within the last eight months. We want to make sure our staff is familiar with each individual dog, their needs and their behavior, so that we can be sure everyone stays safe in playgroups.

Drop-off Times:

  • Monday – Friday
    7:00am – 11:45am
    4pm – 6pm *optional evening boarding drop-off, though we encourage morning drop-offs for tired, happy, sleepy dogs, and dogs with boarding packages/add-ons.

  • Saturday
    9:00am – 12:00pm

Pick-up Times:

  • Monday – Friday
    7:00am – 11:45am
    4:00pm – 6:45pm

  • Saturday
    9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Sunday
    4:00pm – 6:00pm

Please keep us updated on your correct pick-up/drop-off times. We plan your dog’s play time and other fun stuff around their drop-off/pick-up schedule so that they get the most out of their stay with us.

You are welcome to bring light blankets or towels that can be fully washed in a regular sized washing machine. We will not accept large stuffed beds or foam beds. We are on a ranch and dogs gets muddy, dirty, wet and slobbery sometimes. At times, we need to be able to wash their bedding.
We can provide a comfy elevated bed at your request, and elevated beds are included in all of our boarding add-on packages. We can also provide blankets and/or towels to dogs that do not chew bedding, in order to make them comfy, so there is no need to pack more if you do not care to.

We require a Group Play Evaluation for every new dog who would like to stay with us for daycamp or boarding. If you are looking for Boarding School (boarding and training together) then no Group Play Evaluation is needed. Instead, you will need to set up an Initial Consultation with the head trainer so that we can better understand you and your dog’s needs and find the program that best fits. You can set up your Initial Consultation by calling the office and speaking to the manager. We’d love to help!
Like other behaviors we reinforce while you dog is with us, we reinforce potty training as well, by taking the dogs out often, as well as providing outdoor patios attached to every single room that have turf areas with drainage systems underneath so that they are “pottying outside on grass”. We rarely have dogs that have accidents. However, if your dog needs to start over and learn potty training, they will need a lot more one-on-one attention to avoid accidents in their room or in the lodge. We can certainly start that process here through one of our training programs, but potty training takes months, sometimes years, to be fully complete and reliable.
We prefer that you leave any toys or chews that could be a choking hazard, for your dog or any other dog, at home. Most dogs are happy to just rest during naptime or during the night, since they played so hard during the day. If you still feel your dog needs something he can chew on, we always have yummy frozen kongs that can be added on to your dog’s stay at your request.
We do not allow kongs from home (they get mixed up with ours), rope toys, tennis balls, or any other chew item that a dog can swallow and choke on when in their room unattended.
No, we provide stainless bowls for all of our visitors. You are welcome to bring a slow feed bowl if your dog needs one. Just be sure to write their name on it in sharpie.
Yes. We want to make sure we keep your pup on the same diet he’s used to so that we have no upset tummies. 
If your dog eats raw, or any other special diet, please package their food in individual pre-measured servings labeled with your dog’s name.
Please DO NOT bring us your dog’s entire bag of dog food or your large plastic food container. We do not have the room to store it all. Please re-bag what your dog will need, plus an extra day, in large ziplocks or put in single serving bags labeled with your dog’s name.
Yes, we sure do! If medication needs to be given, for safety reasons, it MUST be in the original bottle, labeled with what the medication is and the dosage required, and have your dog’s first and last name written on the bottle. Also include a measuring device, if needed. There is a small fee per administration for meds given between the hours of 7am – 7pm. 
If medication needs to be given outside of those hours, please be sure to contact us and schedule that ahead of time so that we can have staff scheduled to accommodate your needs. There is a $15 administration fee per dog/night for meds that need to be given during closed hours.
If you are sending supplements with your dog, please separate your dog’s food into individual servings and include the supplement(s) in each bag, otherwise there will be a fee for each administration. Please label the bags with your dog’s name and AM or PM so we are sure to give them the correct servings.

If it is not a holiday boarding, a minimum of a 72-hour notice is required for cancellation of your reservation. If less than a 72-hour notice is given, then you are responsible for 1/2 of the nights that were reserved or $75, whichever is less. If the reservation was for one night then you are required to pay for that night.

If a holiday boarding reservation needs to be canceled or changed, then it must be done at least 7 days before your scheduled arrival in order to receive your 50% deposit back as a credit on your account. If canceled or if changes need to be made with less than a 72-hour notice, then the reservation that was made must be paid in full for having held the spot.